Glenn Hallam, Ph.D.
Dr. Hallam specializes in the creation of innovative metrics for executive, personal, and organizational development. He has invented dozens of computer-scored instruments used by thousands of people across the world in organizations such as Corporate Express, Sun Microsystems, Applied Materials, Weyerhaeuser, the Center for Creative Leadership, and hundreds of other companies. Well known for his work with The Center for Creative Leadership, he is co-author of the Campbell-Hallam Team Development Survey and Campbell-Hallam Team Leader Profile, published by Vangent and Executive Dimensions 360 published by the Center for Creative Leadership. Dr. Hallam earned a BA in psychology from Stanford University and a PhD in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Hallam is the founder and current President of Wahi Media, based in Tallahassee, Florida.

Paul J. Seymour, Ph.D.
Dr. Seymour is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience helping executives and organizations understand and solve the people problems that interfere with achieving world-class results. He has particular expertise in executive coaching, team building and conflict resolution. He has coached with over one thousand high-level executives as a senior adjunct faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership and trains their Leadership at the Peak and Coaching for Greater Effectiveness programs. Paul has trained nationally for National Computer Systems, Inc., on the use of assessment instruments in corporate environments and presented at numerous national conferences. Dr. Seymour earned his BA in psychology from Whittier College and MS and Ph.D in Professional-Scientific Psychology from Utah State University. Paul is currently an owner and practice director of coaching and training services at Work Effects.

Gina Rhodes Hallam, M.A.
Ms. Hallam is a communication specialist and focuses on developing customized assessment tools and research. She has worked on projects that included diversity, virtual teams, and custom 360-degree feedback instruments. She was an honorarium professor for the Communication Department at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, where she taught interpersonal communication, conflict management, nonverbal communication and public speaking. Gina earned her BS in organizational communication from Florida State University and a MA from the University of Colorado. She is currently working with Glenn at Wahi Media designing and producing web based interactive video programs for government and industry.

Dealing with conflict....made easy.

The Conflict LensTM is an on-line instrument, a model and a process for helping people develop better communication strategies for managing conflict. Available in 19 languages it has been used in North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.